Sustainable Conservation School Sarañani!

“To climb high, bury your feet in the ground…”

Senior Masters at the FA School

Mariano Cutipa


Master Restorer and Yatiri

Pío Quispe


Master Restorer

Hernán Mamani


Master Restorer

José Luis Valencia


Master Restorer, Stonemason

Humberto Chambe


Master Restorer

Maribel Trujillano


Art Restorer trained in the Escuela Taller (Workshop) of Colca

Daniel Richter


Master Carpenter

School Supervisors FA

Diego Pino


Social Planner, Course “Technical Inspector of Works”, Work Supervisor at Fundación Altiplano, Hardwood Carver

Andrés Aninat


Architect, Diploma in Marketing and Valuation, Manager Fundación Altiplano

Beatriz Yuste


Architect, Master in Architecture, Energy and Enviornment, Head of Projets at Fundación Altiplano

Lucía Otero


Architect, Master in Conservation and Management, Head of Projets at Fundación Altiplano

Tanya Durán


Actress and Cultural Manager, Head of Festivals at Fundación Altiplano

Carol Carrasco

Certificate in Tourism, Wood carver and Andean Arts Workshop Supervisor at Fundación Alitplano

Magdalena Pereira


Historian and PhD in Art History, President and Director of Investigations and Publications at Fundación Altiplano

Álvaro Merino


Manager in Ecotourism. Head of the Development at FA. Executive Producer Arica Barroca and Arica Nativa Festivals

Miguel Rojas

Technical Draftsman, Building Work Supervisor and Operations Manager at Fundación Altiplano

Cristian Heinsen

Bachelor’s Degree in Literature, Master’s Degree in Creative Documentary, MBA,  Founder and Executive Director at Fundación Altiplano

School Advisors FA

Ángel Guillén


Architects, Master’s Degree in Sustainable Development, Ex-Head of Architecture Workshop at Fundación Altiplano

Liliam Aubert


Bachelor’s Degree in Arts, Specialised in Restoration of South Andean Paintings and Images

Andrés Ugaz


Consultant in Food Heritage of territorial development, Founder of “Cocina, Identidad y Territorio”, Director of Kala Tanta Liman, Artisan Bakery

Stefano Gandolini


Agricultural Engineer, Master’s Degree in oenology in Italy, France and USA, Partner in Ventolera, Gandolini y Terroir GVV

Arturo Sinclair

Film-maker, Creative Director and University Professor with a Renowned International Career, Director of the Arica Nativa School



The funding of the Fundación Altiplano’s mission is achieved through contributions from donations by individuals and companies, sale of services and transfer agreements with government institutions.

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