To sustain the work in communities, we need contributions from people who are in love with sustainable conservation…

2020 Campaign “In love”

Cultural Donations Law


Accompanying Andean and rural communities in the need for conservation and achieving a more joyful and sustainable world costs approximately CLP 150 billion per year, which is the structural cost of the Fundación Altiplano (without projects). This cost must be financed from the margins of the implemented projects, which are very limited because they are mostly publicly funded; and from the annual donations of the supporters. In order to receive donations in 2019, the Fundación Altiplano has a certificate under the Cultural Donations Law, which is a special incentive for donators. Of the amount donated, 50% is a tax credit; and the remaining 50% is deductible as an expense.

Fall in love and contribute.



The funding of the Fundación Altiplano’s mission is achieved through contributions from donations by individuals and companies, sale of services and transfer agreements with government institutions.

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